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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Patriarch's 2017 Paschal Letter

Patriarch’s 2017 Paschal Letter

“Children of the Resurrection” is a beautiful title first used by Our Lord Jesus Christ in his discussion with a group of Sadducean Jews, who denied the resurrection of the dead. Christ countered their argument by saying that human beings after death “are equal unto the angels; and are the…

Bishop's 2017 Paschal Letter

Bishop’s 2017 Paschal Letter

Christ is risen! He is truly risen!
These vibrant words we proclaim to announce the resurrection of Christ form the background music of our life. In every parish I visit, especially during the Paschal season, everyone – young and old – chants with gusto “Christ is risen from the dead…”

Patriarch's 2017 Lenten Letter

Patriarch’s 2017 Lenten Letter

“I want to wash away with tears the record of my sins, O Lord” (Lenten Sunday Vespers, Stitchera of Reptentence, Tone Four) With this spiritual hymn we welcome Great and Holy Lent. And with the sinful woman, we say in the prayer of Sunday Vespers, “Give me tears, O God, as once thou gavest…

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