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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

2022 National Melkite Convention

2022 National Melkite Convention

The 2022 National Melkite Convention will be held in Rancho Mirage, California from July 7-10 at the Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort and Spa. Convention packages are available! For reservations…

Bishop's 2022 Pascal Letter

Bishop’s 2022 Pascal Letter

Christ is risen! He is truly risen! A number of years ago, a large New York City hospital made a simple but unusual
discovery. Crying infants in the nursery disturbed others who also began to cry, leaving
them restless. Some proposed playing background soft music but newborn babies never…

Bishop's Letter on Returning to the Divine Liturgy

Bishop’s Letter on Returning to the Divine Liturgy

The Eucharist is our life-line, without it we cannot live. The Sunday Divine Liturgy is the community celebration of Christ in our midst, the event that unites us all together as the Body of Christ. Celebrating the Eucharist is not just a commandment of the…

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