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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Bishop's 2020 Nativity Letter

Bishop’s 2020 Nativity Letter

Bethlehem, make ready, For Eden has been opened for all. Ephrata, be alert, for the Tree of Life has blossomed forth from the Virgin in a cave. Her womb has become a spiritual Paradise wherein the divine Fruit was planted – And if we eat it, we shall live and not die like Adam. Christ is coming to restore the…

The Nativity Fast in the Home

The Nativity Fast in the Home

THE AMERICAN SHOPPING SEASON is at hand. Some people will spend it jostling for bargains; others will pass the time lamenting the commercialization of Christmas. The Eastern Churches, on the other hand, encourage their faithful to prepare for this feast by…

Bishop's Appeal 2021

Bishop’s Appeal 2021

In today’s Gospel Jesus is telling us what he told us in the Sermon on the Mount: love conquers all: Our enemies, those who hate us, revile us, persecute us, speak evil against us and there is only one way to conquer them. Love them! And that is not impossible because each person gives what…

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