The Vocation Team is preparing to enter a multi-year process of organizing, inviting, and communicating a “pro-vocations” message throughout the eparchy. The overall vision is to build upon the core message that Christ calls all to serve—in all sorts of capacities—to make us a true ecclesia, a living Church. Every vocation is vital, including marriage and family, nuns, monks, and the clergy who lead our liturgical worship.


Bishop François has convened a new Vocation Team, headed by Fr. Elias Dorham and composed of other priests from each region of the Eparchy. The challenge for the team is threefold. 

The first task is to re-organize our efforts, both by standardizing the formation of priests and deacons, as well as establishing a clear process for men to discern God’s call. 

Secondly, Bishop François’ vision is that new vocations will flow organically from active ministry in local parishes. Put simply, the men who will one day serve as priests and deacons must now be serving generously in other capacities. A campaign is planned to identify these men—both single and married—and invite them to discern a potential role as reader, subdeacon, deacon, or priest.