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The workflow for the Link Catechetical Newsletter:
  1. Dr. Frances Colie emails a Word document.
  2. Open the file and select Print… — before proceeding you may also need to set the page range to exclude the last page, which is often blank.
  3. Select PDF » Save as PDF…
    • set the Save As: to mmm-yyyy-CATECHIST-NEWSLETTER.pdf
    • set the Title: to mmm yyyy CATECHIST NEWSLETTER
    • get rid of the Author:
  4. For a leaflet master, create a thumbnail using Preview, save the second page as a JPG, then resize it to fit within 200x600, e.g., jpegtopnm < x.jpg| pamcut -left 1122 | pamscale -xyfit 200 600 | \ pnmtojpeg -quality 100 -density 72x72dpi > leaflet.jpg
  5. Using Media » Add New import the PDF file (and the JPEG thumbnail).
  6. Using Recent Publications » Add New
    • name the issue (i.e., The Link Catechetical Newsletter)
    • use that same value for the Recent Publication Terms
    • set the publication date
    • set the PDF, thumbnail (if present), and Page Count appropriately
  7. Finally, Publish
The Eparchy has contacted several iconographers and other sources for permission to use images of their icons on the website. When you need an icon for a page on the website, please see if one of the sites below has the icon that you need (just click on the link and a new browser window will open up automatically). It is preferrable to use one of these sites rather than another source, as requires that we contact the source to ask for permission and discuss our requirements of use. Once you have identified the icon you'd like for the page, send an email with the name of the page on the Eparchy website and a link to the icon you'd like. For example:
Eparchy PageIcon URL
You do not need to contact the source directly; however, if you need to ask a question, feel free to send an email with a “cc” to the website administrator. Here is the list. Note that the final source in the list, Holy Transfiguration Monastery, has a different policy. In order to use one of their icons, we have to purchase the icon, make an image, and then ask for permission.
Artist Marek Czarnecki
Petro (Peter) Dzyuba
Vladimir Grygorenko
Aidan Hart
Eileen McGuckin
Andreas Menelaou
Arlene Ann Tilghman
Tatiana Vartanova
Source Convent of St. Elizabeth
Orama World
Temple Gallery, London
Holy Transfiguration Monastery
  1. Open in Photoshop (or Gimp — the same theories apply).
  2. If the image is CMYK, convert to RGB.
  3. Size the icon to 425 pixels wide and set the Resolution to 72 pixels/inch. Make sure the checkboxes "Scale Styles", "Constrain Proportions", and "Resample Images" are checked:
  4. Save the image as a high-quality JPG at maximum quality (12).
  5. If the image is smaller than the target, I use a program called Perfect Resize to interpolate the pixels to improve image quality. This is the same software I use for my large format printing and it is an excellent product. It is available from OnOne Software as a standalone product as well as a Photoshop plugin.
  6. There is also a way to batch process images using iPhoto, but you still need to resample the image in Photoshop.
The workflow:
  1. The Chancery sends a monthly Word document containing the articles for the next month. The article layout is tri-fold. For each article:
  2. Using Posts » Add New set the title, and set the Category to Sunday Scripture
  3. Add the lectionary name (e.g., Counseling the Rich Man) and code (e.g., 13th Sunday after Holy Cross) as Post Tags
  4. Cut-and-paste the first page (3 columns) and the second page (2 columns).
  5. Do NOT add the image from the Word document — instead, a second email will indicate which icon to use.
  6. Add <h2> markup for section headings.
  7. Add <em> and <strong> markup as indicated.
  8. Use [reference-pericope]…[/reference-periocope] as indicated, expanding any abbreviations.
  9. Add <ul>, <ol>, and <li> markup as indicated.
  10. Use <div class='callout' /> as indicated.
  11. Set the publication date to the appropriate sunday at midnight.
  12. Finally, Schedule
The workflow:
  1. Using External Links » External Links click on Title to get the list of links sorted alphabetically.
  2. Scroll through the list and find the External Link Term that is going to be used for the new entry.
  3. Of the entries grouped by that particular link term, decide where you want the new entry to go an pick a number half-way between the numbers used for those two entries, e.g., if the entry should appear between MAYA (000400) and The Patriarchal Order of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem (000500), then the number for the entry is 000450.
  4. Using External Links » Add New set the title to the number, a colon, and a brief descriptive title, e.g., 000450: Vocations
  5. Set the External Link Term
  6. Fill-in the content with the markup you want to appear on the External Links page.
  7. If there is a publication date, set that.
  8. Finally, Publish
The workflow:
  1. Doreen Pierson puts a PDF file for the issue in the dropbox.
  2. Determine the volume number, issue number, publication year, and season, and use this information to construct a basename, e.g., Sophia-v41-03-2011-Summer.
  3. Rename the PDF file using the basename, e.g., Sophia-v41-03-2001-Summer.pdf
  4. If the cover page isn't the first page, use PDFClerk PRO to re-arrange the page order.
  5. Using Preview save the cover page as a JPG, then resize it to 251x326, e.g., jpegtopnm < x.jpg | pamscale 0.42 | \ pnmtojpeg > Sophia-v41-03-2011-Summer.jpg
  6. Using Media » Add New import both the PDF file and the JPEG thumbnail
  7. Using Sophia Issues » Add New, name the issue (e.g., Sophia Summer 2011), and fill-in the description and custom fields. Be sure to set the Thumbnail, PDF, and Page Count appropriately.
  8. If there is a publication date, set that.
  9. Finally, Publish
Nov 202011
Rule #1: Less markup is always better than more markup. Let CSS do most of the work. Rule #2: See Rule #1.

Allowed Markup

  • h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
  • p, strong, code
  • ol, ul, li
  • blockquote
  • img
  • dl, dt, dd
  • sub, sup
  • hr
  • code

Special DIVs

defines a signature block
defines a title block
defines a subtitle block
defines "boxed" text, e.g., for a troparion
defines a signature block
defines a note block (after the signature)

Article Title

The preferred style is to put this markup at the beginning of the post: <table class='first'><tr> <td><img src='...' /></td> <td>title<br/>optional text</td> </tr></table> The ordering of the columns may be flipped.

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