Adding a new Printable Publication

The workflow for the Link Catechetical Newsletter:

  1. Dr. Frances Colie emails a Word document.
  2. Open the file and select Print… — before proceeding you may also need to set the page range to exclude the last page, which is often blank.
  3. Select PDF » Save as PDF…
    • set the Save As: to mmm-yyyy-CATECHIST-NEWSLETTER.pdf
    • set the Title: to mmm yyyy CATECHIST NEWSLETTER
    • get rid of the Author:
  4. For a leaflet master, create a thumbnail using Preview, save the second page as a JPG, then resize it to fit within 200×600, e.g.,
    jpegtopnm < x.jpg| pamcut -left 1122 | pamscale -xyfit 200 600 | \ pnmtojpeg -quality 100 -density 72x72dpi > leaflet.jpg
  5. Using Media » Add New import the PDF file (and the JPEG thumbnail).
  6. Using Recent Publications » Add New
    • name the issue (i.e., The Link Catechetical Newsletter)
    • use that same value for the Recent Publication Terms
    • set the publication date
    • set the PDF, thumbnail (if present), and Page Count appropriately
  7. Finally, Publish