Adding a new Sophia Issue

The workflow:

  1. Doreen Pierson puts a PDF file for the issue in the dropbox.
  2. Determine the volume number, issue number, publication year, and season, and use this information to construct a basename, e.g., Sophia-v41-03-2011-Summer.
  3. Rename the PDF file using the basename, e.g., Sophia-v41-03-2001-Summer.pdf

  4. If the cover page isn’t the first page, use PDFClerk PRO to re-arrange the page order.
  5. Using Preview save the cover page as a JPG, then resize it to 251×326, e.g.,
    jpegtopnm < x.jpg | pamscale 0.42 | \
    pnmtojpeg > Sophia-v41-03-2011-Summer.jpg
  6. Using Media » Add New import both the PDF file and the JPEG thumbnail
  7. Using Sophia Issues » Add New, name the issue (e.g., Sophia Summer 2011), and fill-in the description and custom fields. Be sure to set the Thumbnail, PDF, and Page Count appropriately.
  8. If there is a publication date, set that.
  9. Finally, Publish