Adding a new Sunday Scripture

The workflow:

  1. The Chancery sends a monthly Word document containing the articles for the next month. The article layout is tri-fold. For each article:
  2. Using Posts » Add New set the title, and set the Category to Sunday Scripture
  3. Add the lectionary name (e.g., Counseling the Rich Man) and code (e.g., 13th Sunday after Holy Cross) as Post Tags
  4. Cut-and-paste the first page (3 columns) and the second page (2 columns).
  5. Do NOT add the image from the Word document — instead, a second email will indicate which icon to use.
  6. Add <h2> markup for section headings.
  7. Add <em> and <strong> markup as indicated.
  8. Use [reference-pericope]…[/reference-periocope] as indicated, expanding any abbreviations.
  9. Add <ul>, <ol>, and <li> markup as indicated.
  10. Use <div class=’callout’ /> as indicated.
  11. Set the publication date to the appropriate sunday at midnight.
  12. Finally, Schedule