Iconographic Sources

The Eparchy has contacted several iconographers and other sources for permission to use images of their icons on the website.

When you need an icon for a page on the website, please see if one of the sites below has the icon that you need (just click on the link and a new browser window will open up automatically).

It is preferrable to use one of these sites rather than another source, as requires that we contact the source to ask for permission and discuss our requirements of use.

Once you have identified the icon you’d like for the page, send an email with the name of the page on the Eparchy website and a link to the icon you’d like. For example:

Eparchy Page Icon URL
Vocations http://www.aidanharticons.com/icons/10_big.jpg

You do not need to contact the source directly; however, if you need to ask a question, feel free to send an email with a “cc” to the website administrator.

Here is the list. Note that the final source in the list, Holy Transfiguration Monastery, has a different policy. In order to use one of their icons, we have to purchase the icon, make an image, and then ask for permission.

Artist Marek Czarnecki marek@seraphicrestorations.com
Petro (Peter) Dzyuba petrodzyuba@verizon.net
Vladimir Grygorenko Vlgrigor@gmail.com
Aidan Hart mail@aidanharticons.com
Eileen McGuckin emcguckin@excite.com
Andreas Menelaou byzantine.artist@gmail.com
Arlene Ann Tilghman arlenetilghman@gmail.com
Tatiana Vartanova tatianavartanova@ncf.ca
Source Convent of St. Elizabeth cse@sisqtel.net
Orama World info@oramaworld.com
Temple Gallery, London info@templegallery.com
Holy Transfiguration Monastery info@thehtm.org