Melkite Greek Catholic Church
Now available from Sophia Press…
the long-awaited second edition of the
Publicans Prayer Book
The Publicans Prayer Book, 2nd Edition, contains everything in the 1st Edition… PLUS… 140 additional pages including:
  • Selections from the Horologion: Vespers, Orthros, and Typica
  • Prayers for the Dying and Departed: Canon for the Parting of the Soul from the Body, Trisagion Prayers (Memorial Service for the Departed), Canon for the Departed, Akathist Hymn for Those who have Fallen Asleep
  • Instructions for praying the Psalter including the Rule for the Weekly Recitation of the Psalter and the Twenty Kathismata of the Byzantine Psalterion
  • Instructions on the Jesus Prayer
  • Additional Selected Texts from the writings of the Holy Fathers
The Publicans Prayer Book is a valuable help for Eastern Christians who seek to sanctify their daily lives by responding to the Lord’s call to “pray at all times” (Luke 21:34). It also makes an especially meaningful gift for occasions such as: graduation, holidays, names day, birthday, first confession, anniversary, etc. for anyone who loves the Lord. Richly leather-bound with gold embossing, sewn binding, fine quality archival paper, gilt edges, silk ribbons, two-color printing throughout, in a practical 4.5x6.5 size, with lovely graphic reproductions from antique Byzantine liturgical books. On sale now from Sophia Press ($38.00). Easy online ordering!

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