Melkite Greek Catholic Church
The Office of the Burial of Christ

The Office is a meditation on the Savior's entombment and on his descent into Hades to save the souls of the just and open for them the gates of heaven. It is marked throughout with faith an hope, since the time of Christ remained in the tomb is seen by Christians as a period of refreshing sleep after the sufferings of the Passion, and as a prelude to the victory of the Resurrection.

Prayer service over the oil

Hades tearfully sighs! Darkness, no candles

Prayer service over the oil

Light of Christ enlightens all!

Prayer service over the oil

Procession of the New Light!

Prayer service over the oil

Spreading of the Laurel leaves

Prayer service over the oil

Proclaiming Christ's victory over death

with Laurel leaves

"The angel stood by the tomb and said to the ointment-bearing women: 'Ointments are for the dead, but Christ has proven Himself free from decay.'"


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