Melkite Challenge 2006 – Set #1

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1. What feast do we celebrate on March 25?
The feast of the annunciation
2. When did Jesus wash the feet of His disciples?
At the last supper
3. What did Peter say to Jesus when He wanted to wash his feet?
“Never at any time will you wash my feet!”
4. Which disciple was asked by Jesus “. . . do you love Me?”
5. What is the Bishop’s chair called?
Bishop’s throne
6. Name the saint who was placed in a wheel with the nails sticking out so that as the wheel turned, the nails would cut into her body.
St. Katherine
7. When does Holy week start?
Palm Sunday
8. What do the Greek words Christos Anesti) mean in English?
Christ is Risen!
9. What is the response to Christos Anesti?
“Alithos Anesti” Truly He is Risen”
10. What city did Jesus ride into on a donkey?
11. What took place on the Feast of the Annunciation?
It is the day that the Angel announced to Mary that she was going to be the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God.
12. What was the name of Emperor Constantine’s mother?
13. What was the name of the place where Adam and Eve lived?
Garden of Eden
14. Kyrie eleison means?
Lord Have Mercy
15. What are the three orders of the priesthood?
Deacon, Priest and Bishop
16. What words does the priest say when he administers Holy Communiion to us?
“The (handmaiden) of God . . .(name) receives the Body and Blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life, Amen”
17. Who said: “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide.”
John 15:16
18. What do we call any evil that enslaves us?
A demon
19. The necessary repentance and conditions are:
Confession, the laying on of the Priest’s hands and the prayer of absolution.
20. What is the sacrament that we receive as we enter our Christian life?
21. What do we remember on Thursday night in Holy Week?
We remember the Crucifixion of Jesus
22. What does the word crucifixion mean?
Crucifixion means “nailing to the cross”
23. What was Jesus’s prayer to God on the cross?
“Father, forgive them, they don’t realize what they are doing”
24. What is the feast that celebrates the birthday of the Church?
25. What event was taking place at the time Jesus rode into Jerusalem?
The Passover


1. When the Sacrament of Chrism is performed, the priest says . . .
“the seal of the gift of the Holy spirit”
2. What Holy Sacraments are required of Eastern Catholic Christians?
Baptism, Chrism, Confession and Holy Communion
3. What is the Menaion?
The book containing the daily services and remembrances of Saints and fixed Holy Days for each of the 12 months of the year.
4. What do we call the practice of each “generation” of Bishops being succeeded by another generation right down to the present time?
Apostolic Succession
5. What in our Holy Tradition guarantees the truth of the Church’s teaching?
Apostolic Succession
6. The sacrament of marriage in the church is divided into what two parts?
The Betrothal, or engagement ceremony The crowning, or actual sacrament of Marriage
7. To whom did God promise the land of milk and honey?
8. Who was the father of King Solomon?
9. Who prophesied the birth of Christ?
10. Who fought the battle of Jericho?
11. Who was the brother of Esau?
12. Who was placed in a den with a lion?
13. What are the three gifts Adam and Eve lost when they sinner?
Divine knowledge, fellowship with God, and the privilege of living with God forever in His Heavenly Kingdom
14. What part of the Liturgy begins with “Let us lift up our hearts”?
The anaphora
15. What is the prayer that calls upon the Holy Spirit to change the bread and wine?
The prayer of consecration
16 What are the words that Christ spoke at the last supper called?
Words of Institution
17. Who gave the Divine Liturgy the form we use today?
St. John Chrysostom
18. Who are the spiritual descendants of the apostles?
Priests and Bishops
19. What is another name of the Last Supper?
Mystical supper
20. The Blood Covenant instituted by Christ is called?
The New Covenant
21. Who are the Christians?
Christians are people who believe in Jesus and are baptized They believe Jesus I s the Son of God They love Him and obey Him They try to live as He lived
22. “He casts out demons by the prince of demons.” Matt 9 32-34 These words were spoken by ____________about _____________
Pharisees about Jesus
24. According to your faith be it done to you.” Matt 9:27 Jesus said this when He cured the ________________
25. “O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.” These were the words that Jesus spoke to the ___________ whose daughter was possessed. (Matt 15:22-28)
Canaanite woman


1. When Nicodemus asked Jesus how he could enter the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus answered and said,?
“Unless one is born anew, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God . . .Unless one is born of the water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God” (John 3:3,5)
2. Who went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus.
Joseph of Arimathea
3. The tomb was made secure with a sealed ———–and a ________________
“Sepulcher secure by sealing the stone and setting a guard” (Matt 27.62-66)
4. In the account of the Resurrection the Disciples are called the “eleven” because?
Judas betrayed Jesus. When Jesus appeared in Jerusalem when the “eleven” were having supper with others and ate broiled fish with them (Luke 24< 36-51)
5. The Ascension took place _________________days after the Resurrection (Easter)?
“and was resurrected on the third day according to the Scriptures and ascended into Heaven . . .” Feast of the Ascension – 40 days after Pascha.
6. How many _separate accounts are there in the New Testament of Christ’s crucifixion and Resurrection?
4 gospels
7. The fact of Christ’s bodily death was proved by four sets of witnesses: these are?
1. Soldiers sent by Pilate to investigate and the centurion who reported back to him (Mark 15:42-47)
2. The Jewish priests and Pharisees who sealed the tomb and set a guard (Matt 27, 62-66)
3. Joseph and Nicodemus who wrapped the body in linen and spices (John 19, 38-42)
4. The women from Galilee who inspected the body and the tomb and went to prepare spices (Luke 23, 55-56)
8. Who was the doubting Disciple was and how did Christ permit him to resolve his doubt by ?
Thomas – Putting his fingers in the holes left by the nails and his hand in the wound left by the spear
9. Friday was known as the day of _____________________?
The Day of Preparation for the Passover _ Paraskeve (Gr)
10. Mary Magdalene mistook the Angel at the tomb for the ________________ ?
She saw an angel at the tomb and supposed him to be the gardener
11. The women returned to the tomb to bring _____________________?
Spices and ointments
12. Who wrote an account of the Divine Liturgy as it was celebrated about A.D. 110?
Justin Martyr
13. What was the name of the prophet who foretold the coming of Christ?
14. Who was the successor of Saul, the composer of many of the Psalms?
15. Name the fourth century Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia who gave the Divine Liturgy the form which we still use ten times a year?
St. Basil the Great 16. Who prophesied that God would re-assemble the bones of the Israelite people and make them once more into a nation?
17. Who was the first anointed
King of Judah Saul
18. Who fulfilled the Oral Covenant through his twelve sons?
19. Who is a catechumen?
A person receiving instruction in the Christian faith.
20. What were the words that Jesus spoke to the Canaanite whose daughter was possessed. Matt. 15:22-28
“O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.”
21. Jesus said this to the blind man?
Mark 10:46-52 “Go your way; your faith has made you whole.”
22. Jesus gave this answer to the Pharisees who criticized His choice of tax collectors and sinners as disciples
(Matt9:9-14) “They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick”
23. Jesus said this to the scribes who objected when He healed the paralytic?
(Mark2:3-13) “Which is easier to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven’, or to say, ‘Rise take up your bed and walk’?”
24. When Jesus sent forth His Twelve Disciples, He told them:?
“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons.” Matt 10:8
25. When He healed the epileptic, His Disciples asked why they had been unable to do this, and Jesus replied?
Jesus replied, “Because of your little faith” (Matt 17:14-20)