Melkite Challenge 2006 – Set #3

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1. What is a covenant?
A promise or an agreement that will be fulfilled.
2. What takes place in the narthex of the church?
We enter the church, venerate the icons and light our candles
What do you do in the nave?
We worship here during the service
What happens in the sanctuary?
Here the priest leads us in service
3. List the 4 categories of prayer
Adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, supplication
4. To which part of the Bible does the Acts of the Apostles belong?
New Testament
5. What does it mean to blaspheme?
Speaking irreverently or cursing sacred things
6. What did God promise Abraham?
The land of milk and honey
7. Name the three cycles of the liturgical year
The Christmas cycle, the Easter cycle and the last section of the liturgical year is the Pentecostal cycle.
8. What do we mean by Christ’s incarnation?
We mean Christ taking on human form
9. Name three great Fathers of the Church
St. Athanasius the Great, Bishop of Alexandria – The Cappadocian Bishops: St. Basil the Great, his brother St. Gregory of Nyssa, and St. Gregory Nazianzen the theologian.
11. What are Jesus’s last words?
12. The ten weeks before Easter are called?
13. What passage in scripture calls us to be “partakers of the Divine Nature”?
14. What is the Septuagint?
15. Who was the Apostle to Egypt?
16. When is the finding of the Cross by St. Helen commemorated?
17. What is the meaning of the word epistle?
18. Who makes and blesses once a year the Holy Myron for the Mystery of Holy Christ?
19. What commandment opposes suicide?
20. The candlebra with two candles used by the bishop to give blessing is called?
21. What is the name of the book containing the rules and descriptions of the rituals?
The Typicon
22. Is the Liturgy of the Presanctified a true Divine Liturgy? When is it said?
It is not really a Divine Liturgy, but a Penitential service offered on the fast days of Great Lent.
23. In the parable of the Paralytic of the Bethesda Pool (John 5:2-19) why were the Jews angry with Jesus for helping the paralyzed man?
Because He had done this on the Sabbath day
24. What do we call the great Thanksgiving Prayer of the liturgy that lifts us up to God that occurs in the last part of the liturgy?
The anaphora
25. What is the first book of the Pentateuch called?
Genesis meaning “beginning”


1. In the beginning of the Liturgy what does the priest announce as our destination?
A. The priest announces our destination “Blessed in the Kingdom of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”
2. What do we do in the “Little Entrance” in the Divine Liturgy?
A. We follow the Gospel – the words of Jesus Christ that lead us to the Kingdom.
3. In The Divine Liturgy, what happens in the “Great Entrance”?
A. We bring our gifts to God – bread and wine – food and drink we need to live
4. In the Divine Liturgy, what happens in us in the Kingdom?
A. In the Kingdom we receive God’s gift of Jesus Christ in us when we partake of Holy Communion.
5. When were the seeds of God’s Kingdom planted?
A. The seeds of God’s Kingdom were planted when the Church was founded.
6. When does our day of worship begin?
A. Our day of worship begins in the evening. Following the tradition of the Old Testament which says in the story of creation: “And the evening and the morning were the first day. . .”*(Gen1:5)
7. The order of church services follow what events?
A. They follow certain events in the life of Jesus Christ. These events are part of the history of our salvation.
8. The time of the service of vespers and compline is?
A. 7 PM and 8 PM
9. The theme of the services of Vespers and Compline is?
A. The creation of the worldt Watch In odern time 6-9pm and 9-12 pm
10. The time of the service of Matins and the theme of the service is?
A. 6 AM – theme: Preparation for Christ
11. The time of the service of first hour?
A. 7 am Theme: creation of the light of day
12. The time of the service of the third hour?
A. 9am 12 noon
Time of the Holy Spirit.
13. The theme of the six hour is ?
A. Time 9:30 am – modern time 12 noon to 3PM
Theme: The crucifixion of Christ.
14. What is the theme of the ninth hour?
A. Time 3 to 6pm Theme: Death of Christ on Cross
15. Complete the following beatitude: “Blessed are the Meek. . and explain what that means.
A. “for they shall inherit the earth.” This means that those who do not always strive for domination are blessed by God.
16. is the prayer we say during lent?
A. St. Ephraim’s Prayer
17. The meal Jesus had on Holy Thursday was?
A. The Last Supper
18. What did Jesus do for Lazarus?
A. Raise him from the dead.
19. Cheese Fair Sunday is called?
A. Forgiveness Sunday
20. What is the Easter greeting?
A. Christ is Risen!
21. On the 3rd Sunday of lent we venerate what?
A. The Cross
22. The Sunday of Orthodoxy celebrates the return of ________–to the churches
A. Icons
23. Who said he didn’t know Jesus, three times?
A. Peter
24. Jesus came to Jerusalem for what holiday?
A. Passover
25. The 4th Sunday of Lent is dedicated to?
A. St. John of the Ladder
26. What did the foolish maidens forget?
A. Extra oil for their lamps


1. What do we sing after Holy Communion?
“We have seen the true light”
2. What did Jesus say to His disciples when there was a great tesmpest in the sea and the small ship was covered with water?
“Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?”
Then he arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.
3. Who said the “Church is like one body, which has many parts”?
St. Paul
4. Where is the Gospel in the Bible?
The Gospel is in the first four books of the New Testament?
5. In the parable of the loaves and fishes, how many loaves of bread and how many fishes did the boy have?
Five loaves and two fish
6. Name the passage from scripture that begins: “The Lord is my shepherd”
Psalm 23
7. The parable of the ten virgins is based on a main figure. Who is the figure?
Christ the bridegroom?
8. What is the name of the church father who wrote the book “The Ladder of Perfection”?
St. John Climacus
9. Complete the verse “You are the salt of the earth_________” (Matt 5:13)
10. But if the salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?
11. The name of the book of mysterious Prophecies describing the end of the world is called?
12. What are the names of the first five books of the Old Testament?
13. On what date does the Church year begin?
14. Who is known as the protomartyr or first martyr for Christ?
15. What is the Greek word meaning conversion or repentance and the continual life of inner change and growth?
16. Cite the book – chapter and verse of the story of Adam and Eve and their fall?
17. Where did Solomon build his temple?
18. Pagans and people who were not Hebrews were named?
19. What books are included in the first five books of the bible?
20. What do St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great have in common?
21. The Church is Apostolic because?
Because it continues to proclaim what was revealed by Christ to His apostles, and continues to evangelize in the same spirit that characterized the apostolic era
22. What are the Ecumenical Councils?
The seven great meetings called that gave expression to the basic faith of the Church
23. What happened on Mt. Sinai
Moses received the stone tablet on which are written the Ten Commandments
24. What are the names of the four records of the life Of Jesus Christ called Gospels?
The Gospel according to St. Matthew
The Gospel according to St. Mark
The Gospel according to St. Luke
The Gospel according to St. John
25. Which of the four gospels presents a different picture than the rest?
The Gospel of John