Melkite Challenge 2006 – Set #4

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1. Where is the book of Revelaltions in the Bible?
A. New Testament
2. This Father of the Church said “God Became man so that man might become God”?
A. St. Athanasius
3. This Apostle connected with the apostolic see of Constantinople?
A. St. Andrew
4. Who was the Apostle who connected with the establishment of the see of Alexandria?
A. St. Mark
5. Name the Apostle connected with the apostolic see of Jerusalem
A. St. James
6. What do we call the ten weeks before Easter?
A. Triodion
7 What did God command Noah to do?
A. Build an Ark
8. When do we hold the Saturdays of the Dead?
A. On the first Saturday in the Triodion period and Saturdays before Pentecost
9. Name the twelve Apostles?
A. Andrew, Matthias, James, Peter, Jude, Simon, Judas Iscariot, Bartholomew, Matthew, John, Philip, Thomas.
10 What is the name of the service conducted on Good Friday afternoon?
A. The descent from the Cross
11 Who were the parents of the Theotokos?
A. St. Joachim and St. Anne
12 Who said “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word Was God”?
A. St. John (John 1:1)
13. What are the antiphons?
Short hymns made up of verses taken from the Old Testament psalms.
14. The evening service consisting of psalms, hymns, biblical canticles and litanies is called?
A. Vespers
15. Where in the Bible do we find the Book of the prophet Isaiah?
A. Old Testament
16. Where in the Bible do we find the Epistles?
A. New Testament
17. How is every book of the Bible divided?
A. The Bible is divided into chapters
18. Where do we find the Book of Exodus in the Bible?
A. Old Testament
19. Where do we find the Book of Kings in the Bible?
A. Old Testament
20. Where do we find the Book of Psalms in the Bible?
A. Old Testament
21 What are the two sources from which Christianity draws its truths?
A. Holy tradition and Holy Scripture
22. What is the first part of the Bible called?
A. The Torah
23. What great miracle is celebrated on the Saturday of the 6th week of Great Lent?
A. The raising of Lazarus
24. How are the chapters of the Bible divided?
A. The chapters are divided into verses
25 What is the unwritten teaching transmitted by the Church?
A. Holy tradition
26. What is another name for the Last Supper?
A. Mystical Supper


1. Name the special liturgical books for the Easter Cycle of worship?
A. The Lenten Triodion and the Easter Triodion, which is also called the Pentecostarion
2. What is the meaning of the Greek word “Akathist”?
A. It means “without sitting”. This name is given to the praise of the Theotokos because the whole service is meant to be sung standing as a sign of respect for her.
3. What is the theme of the Liturgical Service for the 6th Hour?
A. Crucifixion of Christ
4. What are the gospels of Saint Matthew, Mark and Luke called, and why?
A. Synoptic gospels which means that they look at things the same way. They are similar in content and form.
5. When were the synoptic gospels written?
A. They were written sometime in the beginning of the second half of the first century.
6. In what language were the synoptic gospels written?
A. The texts of each of them, and also that of St. John, come down to us in Greek. Matthew may have possibly written originally in Aramaic, the language of Jesus.
7. Which one of the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John received the title of the “Theologian”?
A. John is honored in the church with the title.
8. Who wrote the Acts of the Apostles?
A. St. Luke
9. How many ecumenical councils were held?
A. Seven Ecumenical Councils.
10. Who was the first Bishop of the Church of Jerusalem?
A. James, “brother of the Lord”
11. The Good Friday evening service symbolizing the burial of Christ is called?
A. The Epitaphios Service during which the lamentations are song.
12. When is forgiveness Sunday held?
A. The last day before the start of the Fast
13. The word Kyrie Eleison, properly understood means?
A. Lord Have Mercy
14. Name the first five books of the Bible
A. Genesis – Exodus – Leviticus – Numbers – Deuteronomy
15. The sanctuary is also called?
A. The “Holy of Holies”
16. What does the word “allelulia” mean?
A. Praise God
17. What is the Antimension?
A. It is the piece of material with a painting of the burial of Jesus Christ and the tools of his suffering. A small pocket is sewn at the end of the material containing the relic of the martyrs.
18. The “Ladder of Divine Ascent” was written by?
A. St. John Climacus
19, What is the prothesis, or table of oblation?
A. The table on which the gifts for Holy Communion are prepared
20. What month and day start the church year?
A. September 1
21. The restoration of the icons to the Church is celebrated on this day
A. Orthodoxy Sunday – first Sunday of Great Lent
22. The hymn “Gladsome Light” is sung at this service?
A. Vespers
23. Who wrote 14 letters, also called epistles, which were included in the Holy Scripture of the New Testament Church?
A. The Apostle Paul
24. The Church is built so that those who pray in it shall look in what direction?
A. eastward
25 What is the theme of the Divine Liturgy?
A. The Mystical Supper


1. What are the mysteries of the Holy Church?
A. Baptism, Chrismation, Holy Eucharist, Repentance, Holy Orders, Matrimony and Holy Oil
2. This apostle established the Christian community at Antioch
A. St. Peter
3. Name some of the objects used during the celebration of the mystery of Baptism
A. Water, a lighted candle, a white garment and oil
4 When is the great feast of the Encounter of Christ?
A. February 2nd
5 What is the name of the present Patriarch of Antioch?
A. Patriarch Gregorios III
6. Two men went into a temple to pray, one prideful and the other humble, what is the parable?
A. The parable of the Publican and the Pharisee
7. Who makes and blesses once a year the Holy Myron for the Sacrament f Holy Chrism?
A. The Patriarch on Holy Thursday
8. Complete the passage from Matthew 5:17 “Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; . . .”
A. “I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them”
9. Recite the Jesus Prayer?
A. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner!
10. Who was taken to Rome to be devoured by wild beasts because he would not worship pagan idols.?
A. St. Ignatius of Antioch
11. Who was Zechariah and Elizabeth?
A. The parents of John the Baptist.
12. The 40 day fast beginning on Nov 15 precedes what feast?
A. Christmas – Feast of the Nativity
13. Who destroyed the temple in Jerusalem?
A. The Babylonians in 586BC
14. What is the theme of the liturgical service of the 1st hour?
A. creation of the Light of Day
15. What three doctrines of our faith were instituted at the last supper?
A. The Eucharist – the Priesthood – and the new covenant” love one another as I have loved you”
16. Name the Gospel story read on the 1st Sunday of Pre-Lent Season?
A. The Sunday of the Pharisee and the Publican
17. What is the Septuagint?
A. The official version of the Greek Old Testament
18. What does it mean to blaspheme?
A. to speak irreverently or curse sacred things
19. What did God promise Abraham?
A. the land of milk and honey
20 Why is the Church Apostolic?
A. It continues to proclaim that revealed by Christ to His apostles and it continues to evangelize in the same spirit as characterized in the apostolic era
21. When does the Peter and Paul fast take place?
A. All Saints Sunday to June 28
22. What do we mean by Christ’s Incarnation?
A. By Christ’s Incarnation, we mean His taking on human form.
23. Who prophesied the birth of Christ?
A. Isaiah
24. Who fought the battle of Jericho?
A. Joshua
25 What are the two parts of the Sacrament of Marriage service?
A. The bethrothal or engagement ceremony and the crowning or actual Sacrament of Marriage