Melkite Challenge 2007 – Set #3

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1. What was the name of the place where Adam and Eve lived?
A. Garden of Eden
2. What is the name of the Mystery to which we ask forgiveness?
A. Repentance
3. What happens when we receive Holy Communion?
A. We are united to God and our body and spirit are nourished by Holy Communion
4. What has oil become a symbol of ?
A. God’s mercy
5. What do we receive in the Divine Liturgy?
A. We receive Jesus
6. Complete the following sentence: if anyone says “I love God” but __________his brother he is a ______________.
A. hates – liar
7. What has the Son of God done for us?
A. Saved us
8. What has the Father done for us?
A. Created us
9. What were the first children of Adam and Eve?
A. Cain and Abel
10. What will we be judged on?
A. On how well we treated other people
11. Why is the Bible holy?
A. It contains God’s Message God is speaking to us
12. When did Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donkey?
A. Palm Sunday
13. Why did Cain attack his brother Abel and kill him?
A. He was jealous of his brother
14. What did Cain say when the Lord asked him “where is your brother?”
A. “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”
15. What Saint is called the wonder-worker because of the miracles God performed through him?
A. St Nicholas Bishop of Myra
16. What are the words that we hear when the Divine Liturgy begins?
A. Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and ever and forever.”
17. Which of the apostles is seen carrying the Scriptures?
A. Saint Paul
18. Which of the apostles is seen carrying the Keys of the Kingdom?
A. Saint Peter
19. When do you partake of the bread of life?
A. When we receive Holy Communion
20. What are the three main sections of a church?
A. Altar or sanctuary nave and narthex
21. What are the stone tablets that Moses received called?
A. The ten commandments
22. What are the first three commandments?
A. I am your God. You shall not have strange Gods before Me.
You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. Remember to keep holy the Lord’s day
23. What does the wine become for us?
A. The wine will become the Blood of Christ
24. How do we talk to God?
A. When we pray
25. What is the greatest commandment?
A. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind and with all your strength.
26. Why is Holy Communion so important?
A. Holy Communion is the bread of life. It Makes Jesus present to us and gives us nourishment and it will bring us to eternal life.
27. Name two reasons why we pray
A. We pray to talk to God, praise Him thank Him for our blessings and ask Him for help
28. What are the signs of new life we receive in Baptism?
A. water white robe and candle
29. In what two ways do we receive Jesus at the Divine Liturgy?
A. We receive Jesus through the words of the Gospel and we receive Jesus in Holy Communion
30. What is the story of the loaves and fishes called?
A. The story is called the feeding of the five thousand
31. Name four items the priest uses to prepare Holy Communion
A. Prosphora (holy bread) wine and water cruets chalice, diskos
32. Why do the Jews celebrate Passover?
A. To remember the time Moses led the Jews out of Egypt
33. What does Jesus ask us to do as members of God’s people?
A. “Love one another as I have loved you.”
34. What are the external signs used in Baptism?
A. Water a robe and a candle
35. Name the New Testament book that tells us about the first Christians?
A. The Acts of the Apostles
36. What are we to remember on Good Friday?
A. We are to remember that Jesus died on the cross
37. What do we sing after Holy Communion?
A. “We have seen the true light”
38. What is it that makes mankind different from animals?
A. The most important thing is that an can speak while animals can not
39. Who said the “church is like one body which has many parts.
A. St Paul
40. What Saint said: “God became an, so that man can become God.?”
A. St Athanasius
41. Name the prayer that Jesus taught us
A. The Lord’s Prayer
42. On what feast day was the Trinity revealed?
A. Theophany
43. What prophet’s name means “the Lord is my God?”
A. Elijah also called Elias
44. Name the first part of the Bible that tells us the history of the Hebrew people
A. Old Testament
45. Name the first disciples
A. Peter and his brother Andrew
46. One God in three persons is called:
A. The Trinity
47. Before we listen to the Bible read in Church what does the priest say?
A. Let us attend” This means “pay attention” The church is incensed to let us know that something important is to happen
48. What happens in Chrismation?
A. We receive life in the Church through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the giver of life and we are sealed in our new life with the Holy Spirit.
49. Which name for Mary means “All Holy”?
A. Panagia
50. Name the passage from scripture that begins “The Lord is my shepherd”
A. Psalm 23


1. What are Jesus Last words?
A. “Father into thy hands I commit my Spirit!”
2. The ten weeks before Easter are called?
A. Triodion
3. The official version of the Greek Old Testament is called?
A. The Septuagint Greek version
4. Who was the Apostle to Egypt?
A. S. Mark
5. What is the meaning of the word epistle?
A. Epistle means letter
6. Who makes and blesses once a year the Holy Myron for the Mystery of Holy Chrismation?
A. The Patriarch on Holy Thursday
7. What commandment opposes suicide?
A. The commandment “Thou shall not kill”
8. The candelabra with two candles used by the bishop to give blessing is called?
A. Dikharion
9. Name three great Fathers of the Church
A. St Athanasius the Great, The Cappadocian Bishops St Basil the Great his brother St. Gregory of Nyssa and St.Gregory Nazianzen the theologian
10. What is the name of the book containing the rules and descriptions of the rituals?
A. The Typicon Book
11. Is the Liturgy of the Presanctified a true Divine Liturgy? When is it said?
A. This service is not really a Divine Liturgy but a Penitential service offered on the fast days of Great Lent
12. In the parable of the Paralytic of the Bethesda Pool (John 5:2-10) why were the Jews angry with Jesus for helping the paralyzed man?
A. Because He had done this on the Sabbath day
13. What do we call the great thanksgiving prayer of the liturgy that lifts us up to God that occurs in the last part of the Liturgy?
A. the Anaphora
14. What is the first book of the Pentateuch called?
A. Genesis meaning “beginning”
15. What does it mean to blaspheme?
A. Speaking irreverently or cursing sacred things
16. To which part of the Bible does the Acts of the Apostles belong?
A. The Acts of the Apostles is in the New Testament
17. List the four categories of prayer
A. Adoration – contrition – thanksgiving – supplication
18. What do we mean by Christ’s Incarnation?
A. We mean His taking on human form
19. The liturgical year is divided into three cycles. Identify them.
A. The Christmas cycle the Eastern cycle and the Last section of the liturgical year is the Pentecostal cycle.
20. What did God promise Abraham?
A. The land of milk and honey
21. What happens in the narthex of the church?
A This is the area where we enter the church venerate the icons and light our candles
22. What do you do in the nave of the church?
A. The nave is where we worship during the service.
23. What happens in the sanctuary?
A. The sanctuary is where the priest leads us in service
24. What is a covenant?
A. A covenant is a promise or an agreement that will be fulfilled.
25. What do we celebrate on March 25th?
A. The feast of the annunciation
26. When did Jesus wash the feet of His disciples?
A. at the last supper
27. What did Peter say to Jesus when He wanted to wash his feet?
A. “Never at any time will you wash my feet!”
28. Which disciple was asked by Jesus “. . do you love Me?”
A. Peter
29. Name the saint who was placed in a wheel with the nails sticking out so that as the wheel turned the nails would cut into her body.
A. Katherine
30. When does Holy week start?
A. Palm Sunday
31. What is the response to Christos Anesti?
A. “Alithos Anesti” Truly He is Risen
32. What city did Jesus ride into on a donkey?
A. Jerusalem
33. What took place on the Feast of the Annunciation?
A. The angel announced to Mary that she was going to be the Mother of Jesus the Son of God
34. What was the name of Emperor Constantine’s mother?
A. Helen
35. What does “Kyrie eleison” mean?
A. Lord have Mercy
36. What are the three orders of the priesthood?
A. Deacon Priest and Bishop
37. What words does the priest say when he administers Holy Communion to us?
A. “The (handmaiden) of God . . (name) receives the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life Amen”
38. Who said: “You did not choose me but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide”
A. John 15:16
39. The necessary repentance and conditions are:
A. confession, the laying on of the Priest’s hands and the prayer of absolution.
40. What do we remember on Thursday night in Holy Week?
A. We remember the Crucifixion of Jesus
41. What does the word crucifixion mean?
A. It means “nailing to the cross”
42. What event was taking place at the time Jesus rode into Jerusalem?
A. The Passover
43. Who first said that the church is the Body of Christ?
A. St Paul
44. Who were the prophets?
A. People who were sent by God to speak the truth to those who were disobedient
45. What is the book of the Old Testament containing poems prayers and hymns?
A. Psalms
46. What does Theotokos mean?
A. “she who bore God”
47. After what great event did Jesus fast and pray for 40 days in the wilderness and was tempted by the devil?
A. Jesus Baptism
48. Who wrote most of the epistles of the New Testament?
A. St Paul
49. Where did the Israelites live before they left to wander into the wilderness and finally to enter the promised land?
A. Egypt
50. What are idols?
A. Images of pagan Gods and Goddesses


1. Who were the Hellenists?
A. Foreign Hebrews who lived abroad
2. What are the benefits of prayer and fasting:
A. Among other things, they bring us closer to God, and teach us self control and dedication to Him.
3. Who were the descendants of Abraham who lived in Palestine, the promised land, and received through Moses God’s law?
A. The Hebrews or Jews
4. Name the Gospel story read on the 1st Sunday of Pre-Lent Season
A. The parable of the Pharisee and the Publican
5. At the resurrection, what happens to our bodies?
A. Our bodies will be restored to live with God forever.
6. What is another name for the Last Supper?
A. The Mystical Supper
7. In this sacrament, the hair of the child is cut as a symbol of obedience and sacrifice. Name the sacrament
A. What is Holy Baptism?
8. In what mystery do we become participants in Christ’s Mystical Supper?
A. The Holy Eucharist
9. What is the ame of the record of the missionary work of the Apostles after the Ascension of Jesus, written by Saint Luke?
A. The Acts of the Apostles
10. What does Chrismation give us?
A. The seal of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
11. What is the birthday of the Church?
A. The Feast of the Pentecost
12. Cite the passage from scripture where Peter walks on Water?
A. Matthew 14-22-24
13. What is a Prokimenon?
A. A verse from psalms
14. What is the name and date of the greatest of all the feasts of Mary, the Theotokos? Give the date
A. The feast of the Annunciation – March 25
15. A special for of the Divine Liturgy celebrated during the weekdays of Great Lent is known as
A. What is the presanctified Liturgy
16. This Feast day celebrates the discovery of the true cross of Christ by St. Helen.
A. The Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross.
17. The story of the coming of the Spirit is found in the book called?
A. The Acts of the Apostles
18. Why did Jesus’ followers call Him the “Anointed One?” or the “Christ”?
A. Because He was marked not with oil but with the power of the Holy Spirit.
19. This Apostle connected with the establishment of the apostolic see of Rome. Who was he?
A. St. Peter
20. This apostle denied Jesus three times
A. Who was St. Peter
21. What are the first five books of the Old Testament called?
A. The Pentateuch
22. The story of the creation of the world appears in what book of the Bible?
A. Genesis
23. Why does the Priest cut the hair of the child after applying the Chrism?
A. The tonsure represents the child’s first offering to God.
24. When is the Great Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos?
A. November 21
25. When is the Great Feast of the Nativity of the Other of God?
A. September 8
26. What do we call the words which the priest pronounces over the bread and the wine during the Divine Liturgy?
A. The words of institution
27. How many great feasts are there?
A. Twelve
28. Who baptized Jesus?
A. John the Baptist
29. This Apostle kissed Christ in order to betray Him
A. Judas Iscariot
30. Who was the first person to ask Christ to remember him when He came into His Kingdom?
A. The good thief who was crucified next to Christ.
31. What passage from scripture refers to the purpose of our Christian life?
A. 2Peter 1:4 “Partaker’s of the Divine Nature”
32. Can you identify the passage from scriptures that says: “Love is patient and kind. . . “
A. 1 Corinthians 13 – Saint Paul’s Hymn to Love
32. When we are baptized, we become a vital and important part of this ‘body’
A. What is the “Body of Christ” the Church
33. This is God’s seal on us
A. What is Holy Chrism?
34. What saint said these words upon the presentation of the Lord to the temple “Lord now lettest thou they servant depart in peace, . . .for mine eyes have seen thy salvation which has been prepared before all people.”
A. St Simeon
35. The Feast of Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem is called?
A. Palm Sunday
36. Where in the Bible is this passage? “And the evening and the morning were the first day . . .”
A. Old Testament (Genesis 1-5)
37. What is the focus of the New Testament?
A. The New testament testifies to the fact that Christ has come and has saved the world.
38. Name the focus of the Old Testament?
A. The Old Testament prepares the world for the coming of Christ.
39. At the wedding in Cana (John 2:1-12) who asked Jesus to help the people?
A. His mother, Mary
40. Was the Vatican Council an ecumenical council? Why? Why Not?
A. The Vatican council was not an ecumenical council – no participation from the Orthodox
41. What is the theme of the Liturgical Service of the 9th Hour?
A. Death of Christ on the Cross
42. What is the liturgical theme of the liturgical service of the 3rd hour?
A. Descent of the Holy Spirit
43. In Matthew 14 the story of the Feeding of 5,000 – what does this story tell us about Jesus?
A. Jesus ministered to the needs of the people. Jesus had compassion for all those who are tired and hungry. Jesus wants us to take part in His work with Him. He used the loaves and fishes the boy had given up to perform the miracle.
44. As the priest recites the prayers of absolution, the priest may cover him with the end of his epitrachelion. What is the symbolic meaning of this action?
A. This is a tangible sign that God’s grace has overshadowed the penitent and restored him to a state of friendship with God.
45. What is another name for the place defined for public prayer?
A. The temple commonly called ecclesia viiz church from the gathering of the church members in it
46. His brother was Esau – what was his name?
A. Jacob
47. Jesus being baptized by John in the Jordan is the feast of?
A. Theophany
48. How does the name “Gospel” tell us of its meaning?
A. It is the good news of the coming of Christ our Savior?
49. To which part of the Bible is the Gospel according to St. John?
A. New Testament
50. What is the theme of the liturgical service of Matins?
A. Preparation for Christ.