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For Adults

Marjorie Corbman, A Tiny Step Away From Deepest Faith (Paraclete Press, $9.95) – Written when she was a high school senior, this is a remarkably articulate analysis of the author’s journey from moderately observant Judaism to atheism, Buddhism, Wicca and ultimately Orthodox Christianity. She found her quest for intimacy, antiquity, infinity, and community fulfilled in the Church’s tradition.

For Youth:

David Lynn, High School Talk Sheets and More High School Talk Sheets (Zondervan/Youth Specialties, $14.99 each) – Each volume contains lesson plans and handouts on fifty topics for single session situations such as youth group meetings. Guidance topics include decision making, sexuality, values, popular music. Social concerns are also treated such as the consumer society, social justice, war and world hunger. Specifically religious topics (basic Christianity, the Bible, worship, etc.) are treated from an evangelical or generic Protestant perspective and do not reflect the priorities or positions of the Eastern Churches. Also available on the Junior High-Middle School level.

For Children:

Peggy Augustine, Abingdon’s Bible Maps for Children (Abingdon Press, $14.00) – Eleven simplified map-posters of the Holy Land, Abraham’s journey and Jerusalem for younger children as well as more detailed maps of the Holy Land in Old and New Testament times, the northern and southern kingdoms, the Mediterranean world, and a current world map. Meant to be taken apart and displayed in corresponding lessons.

Orthodox Liturgy Posters (OCEC, $12.00) – Four scenes from the Divine Liturgy (the preparation of the gifts, the Gospel, the oblation – “We offer You Your own…” – and the final blessing), each on an 11×17″ poster. The photos, taken from OCEC’s popular Teaching Pics are ideal for classroom display.

Elizabeth White, Walking in Wonder (Conciliar Press, $8.95) – A long-time Montessori teachers presents vision and suggested activities for nurturing Orthodox Christian virtues (wonder, awareness, stillness, goodness, practicing compassion) in children under the age of eight as well as introducing the Scriptures, icons and Church prayer. Simply written and useful as a resource on parenting for young families.