Report for the 48th Melkite Convention

Educational Services -Melkite Convention, Dearborn, Michigan July 2012


The principal goals of the Office of Educational Services are:

  1. The education of the laity through the implementation of formational programs in the parish and diocesan level, and
  2. The publication of catechetical and related texts for use in these programs


  • NEW: MONTHLY CATECHIST NEWSLETTER featuring articles on theology, sample lessons, & resources
  • NEW: SOPHIA/– CATECHETICAL SECTION covering all educational levels
  • NEW: One Day Only – In-Parish Catechist Formation (alternative program where distance, and time are obstacles to attendance)
  • NEW; Grade 7 revision WE BECOME GOD LIKE
  • NEW Coffee Hour Discussion Starters (education website)
  • NEW: Contributions To Education Website: Articles, Events Calendar, Catechist Formation Workshops, Coffee Hour Discussion Starters, Convention News, Curriculum resources, Melkite Challenge Questions, Family Catechesis, Director’s Message
  • NEW power point God With Us Series CD’S
    • NEW: In process “MAN-THE DIVINE ICON” Text for young adults on the Christian doctrine of anthropology of man, spirituality, morality, freedom and eternal growth
    • NEW: In process – Eparchial Oratorical Contest
    • NEW: In process = Revision Grade 8 God With Us

Issues And Concerns

Status of our church schools – Findings from our 2011 School Surveys indicate an intransigence among our catechetical leaders and pastors to prioritize the critical nature of catechesis to the survival of our Church. The number of active church schools has declined in number and enrollments based on the data received.

Programs for young adults – Needed an experiential catechesis that is beyond the elementary learning stage capable of relating to concrete life shaped and conditioned as it is now, so that the dogma learned can be experienced and lived.

Bi-Lingual religious education – Very basic material to catechize adults.

Respectfully submitted, Frances Nejmeh Colie