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Priesthood Sunday
Everyone has a call
Good Place to Visit
The First Seminary


Ways to Discern a Vocation
Are You the Type of Parents Who Would Ecourage This?
Go and make disciples
Who Says I’m Too Young To Hear His Call
Family of St. Basil the Great – Will your family respond?
Things We Can All Do To Promote Vocations
Clergy ancestral ties to Maarrat Sednaya village
The First Seminary

If you think you have a Calling
Jesus are you calling me?
Why Not Join Them?


Car Magnets

B & W “Pray For Our Priests” Magnet for car/refrigerator/file cabinet/anything metal – $3.00 plus s & h













Formas de discernir una vocación al sacerdocio, diaconado u la vida religiosa