Melkite Organizations

The Eparchy of Newton sponsors many national organizations for Melkite Catholics of all ages in the United States.

Melkite Ambassadors

The Melkite Ambassadors is an organization open to those in the Melkite Community, ages 25-40, who want to participate in advocacy, catechesis mentorship, community life, community service, leadership development, and prayer.

Melkite Association of Young Adults

The Melkite Association of Young Adults is a part of the International Movement of Catholic Students — Pax Romana, a non-governmental organization at the United Nations. Our members have an opportunity to be involved with an international movement dedicated to the promotion of social justice while being guided by the teachings of Christ.

National Association of Melkite Women

The National Association of Melkite Women was founded in 1986 by Archbishop Joseph Tawil, of blessed memory. Our purpose is to promote and support vocations to the priesthood and religious life in the United States.

National Association of Melkite Youth

The National Association of Melkite Youth provides faith formation opportunities for all youth, 13-18 years of age, within the Eparchy of Newton.

Order of St. Nicholas

The Order of St. Nicholas is to help create and sustain an environment where our members are acutely aware of their faith, where service and stewardship are at the core of all activity, and where unity and harmony become the essence of our behavior.

The Society of Publicans

The Society of Publicans invites you to pray daily for the parishes and institutions of our Melkite Church in America—for the clergy, monastics, catechists and all the faithful—with the particular intention for the renewal of our spiritual life in Christ.