Live-Streaming the Divine Liturgy!

Many of our parishes “live-stream” the Divine Liturgy. Even if your parish does not, you can still see and hear the Divine Liturgy. You will find a list of Melkite services here.

Attending the services via live-streaming is an aid to sincere devotion. To get the most out of these services, behave exactly as if you were physically in the church and attending the service:

  • Dress as you normally dress to attend a church service.
  • Fast as you normally do prior to a church service.
  • Place the device you are using to view the church service in your icon corner, and disable all notifications on the device.
  • Silence all other devices, and attend to other personal needs before-hand — avoid unintended distractions.

  • Participate as you normally do in a church service: sing, stand, sit, make the sign of the cross and metanies, and so on.
  • Practice prayerful behavior as you normally do in a church service, e.g., no commentary (either online or out loud).

Many thanks to Live Liturgy for their website ministry. These practical tips were adopted from guidelines provided by the OCA Diocese of NY and NJ.