An Easter Card

Patriarch Gregorious standing on a green lawn with background of building arches

Happy Feast of Pascha 2011

Way of the Cross: way of Resurrection

Once again this year all our Churches of East and West are together celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord God and Saviour. We shall do all in our power to continue to celebrate together in the years to come as a testimony of our common faith!

Our Arab world is still walking along the way of the cross in several of our countries. We are especially anxious about the situation in Syria, where our patriarchal see is situated.

We are praying and asking all our friends to pray for peace, security, national unity and calming of minds. May our government be able to cope with this situation calmly, firmly and successfully.

Thank you for your good wishes for the feast.

We wish you and all our dear friends an abundance of earthly and heavenly blessings! May Christ arise in our world, our hearts and our societies, and in our Eastern Churches, so we may continue our mission in “Communion and Witness.”

Happy and Holy Feast !

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

+ Gregorios III

Patriarch of Antioch and All the East,

Of Alexandria and of Jerusalem