Pilgrims from all over the world to meet in the Marian city of Kevelaer, Germany

About 200 members of the Order of St. Lazarus are meeting on Pentecost weekend for the "International Pilgrimage 2012" at the Kevelaer shrine. (photo credit: RP Online)

On Pentecost weekend Kevelaer will be dominated by the “international pilgrimage” of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, in short, the Lazarus Order. At the invitation of the Grand Master of the global order, HE Don Carlos Gereda de Borbón, Marquis d’Almazàn, and the Spiritual Protector, His Beatitude Patriarch Gregorios III of Damascus, some 200 members of the Ecumenical Order will be meeting from 24 to 27 May in the Marian town. Whether from Malta, the headquarters of the Order, or from Ireland, whether from Germany, Finland, Spain, Nigeria, Canada or the United States – the members, Knights and Ladies from more than 20 nations, are also using the pilgrimage for various Lazarus Order events. The tourist office of Kevelaer and district is the contact for the individual applications of international visitors and will be serving as a registration office on guests’ arrival. The highpoint of the pilgrimage of the Order of St. Lazarus will be the walk from Kerken-Eyll to Kevelaer on Saturday. The international pilgrimage ends with an invitation to a festive High Mass in St. Mary’s Basilica on Pentecost Sunday.

Source: RP Online