Practical Guidance for Celebrating the Year of Saint Paul

  1. Learn by heart some verses of Saint Paul and repeat them in our daily life, in moments of joy, doubt and sadness
  2. Intensify the feeling of love for Jesus, as we read in the Letters of Saint Paul
  3. Consider Saint Paul’s words as addressed to us to strengthen our faith
  4. Be proud of our faith, as Paul was, and like him, be enthusiastic for Jesus’ sake
  5. Proclaim Jesus, as Paul did, in our society
  6. Have broad horizons and hopes, like Paul
  7. Understand the meaning of our life, discovering it from a daily reading of Saint Paul’s Epistles
  8. Priests – concentrate your sermons this year on the Epistles rather than on the Gospel
  9. Organize in parishes a program of continuous reading of Saint Paul’s Epistles through meetings and vigils in churches
  10. In the narthex of parish churches, place icons of Saint Paul and information on Saint Paul’s life and Epistles

Dear brothers and sisters,

I hope that through this guidance, you will find a new face, the face of Saint Paul, his personality and more, the face of Jesus.

My wish is for you to be always in a continual meeting with Jesus on the road to Damascus, the road of conversion, light, life and resurrection: which is the way of life in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Gregorios III

Patriarch of Antioch and All the East

Of Alexandria and of Jerusalem