Report on aid to displaced persons

Report from
the Emergency Relief Committee
Eparchy of Damascus
Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchate

We have been able to make a single distribution of $ 50 per family to 1, 200 families, thanks to the donation made in October 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI and members of the Synod on the New Evangelisation ($300, 000 from the Pope and $700, 000 from the Synodal Fathers.)

We have made a distribution of 125 parcels of winter clothes to children, as well as 165 parcels of mattresses and eiderdowns (donated by the Middle East Council of Churches.)

We have also been able to give medical assistance to 450 patients, with 47 surgical operations and the issuance of 400 prescriptions, worth £S 1,200, 000 in total.

The assistance provided by the Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchate consisted of food, drugs, medical assistance, assistance to relatives of terrorism victims and for ransoming abductees, rents and rudimentary repairs to shell-damaged homes.

The poor have become even poorer and more disadvantaged because of the crisis and trade embargo.

Our school in Damascus has lost 60% of its 1, 350 students and has had to transfer those remaining to other premises. Receipts from school fees have significantly decreased. Shells have fallen on the abandoned school, causing an estimated $ 500, 000 worth of damage.

It takes about $ 1,500 per month to support the Voluntary Emergency Committee’s work.

In terms of administration, there are stationery and transport costs, plus a few gifts.

A small committee also visits families to assess needs and provide vital assistance.