Melkite Greek Catholic Church
Words of reflection after the events in Ma'alula 4-7 September 2013
The events in Ma’alula represent an encroachment on the holiest and oldest Christian sites, on Christian heritage and the cradle of Christianity. Each shell aimed at Ma’alula and Syria falls on:
  • Sacred sites
  • Saint Paul
  • Saint Thecla
  • The martyrs
  • Saint Marun
  • Four thousand Christians
  • The first Christian church dating back two thousand years
  • Christian heritage
  • Saint Symeon
  • Early Christian memory
  • The place where Saint Paul sojourned three years
  • Saint Sergius (Rasafa)
  • Daniel the Stylite
  • Moses the Abyssinian
  • Saint James the Mutilated
  • Ananias
  • The attack on Ma’alula is an attack on the holiest Christian sites and heritage, the cradle of Christianity. So let’s go, not to the bitter end, but to the better end! We can forgive everyone who caused the events - even the victims, abducted and wounded - in Ma’alula - but we say to everyone: Enough is enough! Enough is enough! Enough is enough!

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