Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Maximos IV at Vatican II: A Quest for Autonomy


In this engaging book, Fr. Murphy chronicles the participation, influence, and lasting impact of l'enfant terrible, Melkite Patriarch Maximos IV Sayegh, at the Second Vatican Council. Fr. Murphy was aided in his extensive research “by my fortunate access to primary sources and personalities at the Council who shared generously of their experiences…” The late Archbishop Joseph Tawil gave Fr. Murphy “many hours of his time in recollecting his own first hand involvement with the dynamics of the Council deliberations and his participation in the many weeks of preparation made by the Melkite bishops prior to the Council and the interaction of the Melkite bishops with other bishops who participated in the various sessions of the Council.” In addition, Fr. Murphy was also given access to the unpublished works of the late Archimandrite Orestes Kerame, a long-time friend of Archbishop Tawil and an erudite peritus to Maximos IV at the Council, as well as the unpublished daily journal of Archbishop Neophytos Edelby who served as a counselor to Maximos throughout the various sessions of the Council.

Author: Rt. Rev. Gerasimos T. Murphy
Pages: 182
Publisher: Sophia Press
Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-0-615-56974-1

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