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Melkite History Class Bundle


These five books are for The History of the Melkite Greek-Catholic Church of Antioch course. You can find out more about the course here.

The Melkite Greek Catholic Church is one of the five patriarchal Churches of Antioch. Melkite History is replete with stories of Apostolic zeal, Imperial Byzantium, Ottoman intrigue and Latin missionaries. Described by some as an 'Orthodox Church in communion with Rome,' Melkites identify themselves along a spectrum between (often imagined) Orthodoxy and Latinization. Are Melkites bridge or window; church or rite?

This course considers the roots of the Church of Antioch from Apostolic times and the rich variety of Churches that claim Antiochian heritage with emphasis on the Antiochian Church(es) who follow the Byzantine rite. Readings, lectures and discussions examine the events that led up to communion with Rome in 1724 and the Melkite role in Vatican Councils I and Il, along with the important personalities involved. Finally, consideration is given to the history and growth of the Melkite Church in the United States to the present. Throughout the course, we will define and discuss Uniatism, Orientalism, Orthodoxy, Latinization, ecclesiology, self-identity and ecumenism.

Books in the bundle:

  1. Melkites: Greek-Orthodox and Greek Catholics of the Patriarchates of Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem
  2. The Melkite Church: An Historic and Ecclesiological Apprach
  3. Maximos IV at Vatican II: A Quest for Autonomy
  4. The Courage to be Ourselves: the Legacy of Archbishop Joseph Tawil
  5. Standing on their Shoulders: Stories of the First Melkite Priests in America
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