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The Melkites at the Vatican Council II: Contribution of the Melkite Prelates to Vatican Council II


The fact that the moral teachings of the Vatican Council II tend to characterize the life within the post-council Catholic Church, makes the book, The Melkites at the Vatican Council II, all the more interesting whilst offering a definite value in today's research into moral ethics and theology. By its enormous references to the teachings of Jesus Christ and his Disciples and by its authentic worship of the Eastern and Western Christian Traditions, this book accentuates the breath, wealth, variety of aspects, new impetus and the answers given by the Melkite Prelates to questions addressing moral, theological, liturgical, dogmatic, biblical and pastoral issues during the Vatican Council II. In his oration, the author demands for this volume to be treasured as a source of knowledge and information regarding the history, theology and ecclesiology of the Melkite Byzantine Catholic Church. He desires to pursue the mission of the Melkite Fathers of the Second Vatican Council and presents this book to the readers as an excellent tool for the ecumenical dialogue advocating the unity between the churches of God.

Author: Saba Shofany
Pages: 328
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Year: 2005
ISBN: 978-1420866155

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