Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Come Let Us Worship: Student Text


Four mini-courses on aspects of the Byzantine heritage, all utilizing Come Let Us Worship as the student text:

  • The Story of Our Church (14 sessions) — An overview of church history focusing on the early Church, the development of the Byzantine tradition, the divisions and our Eastern Christian identity in America today.
  • Our Call to Worship (8 sessions) — A look at the why and how of liturgical worship including the types of Byzantine worship and the place of music, gesture and the senses in our worship.
  • The Church Building (8 sessions) — The continuity of Christ and Christian worship with the Old Testament prototypes, the church building as icon of the divine milieu, and the parts of the church building are explored in this program.
  • The Meaning of Icons (7 sessions) — A look at the connection of icons with the physical side of our worship and the incarnation, icons as a focus of prayer in church and home, types of icons of Christ and the Theotokos as well as the icon screen in Byzantine churches.

A teacher's manual is also available.

Pages: 113

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