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A Guide for the Domestic Church, 2nd edition


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A Guide for the Domestic Church, 2nd edition

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Widely used by Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Christians since its original publication in 1986, A Guide for the Domestic Church has been reissued in a full-color, updated version for another generation of Eastern Christian families.

A kind of cookbook for Christian family life, A Guide for the Domestic Church is an easy-to-read presentation of the Eastern Churches’ vision for the Christian home along with specific directions for those wishing to incorporate Byzantine spirituality into their home lives through the Church year. This book contains step-by-step directions for family prayer, hints for keeping the fasts, setting up an icon corner, celebrating namedays and participating in the Church’s special moments of encounter with God (baptisms, marriages, funerals and memorial services).

The second edition includes newly-available resources and recipes as well as links to online distributors and manufacturers of religious supplies.

A Guide for the Domestic Church does a wonderful job of explaining both the whys and the hows of Eastern Christian family practice, telling you where to find icons, lamps, incense, and so forth, and what to do with them.

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Pages: 116
Year: 2012

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The Eyes of the Gospel

The author provides an engaging introduction to the spirituality of the Eastern Churches. This book is Archbishop Raya’s heartfelt, passionate song of love for God and for the Byzantine way of life in Christ. This series of meditations/reflections explores, among many other topics, the Byzantine Liturgy, the Sacred Mysteries, the Incarnation, the Holy Eucharist, and the mystery of the Church.

Each page is filled with the author’s remarkable zeal and exuberant love for the Lord, making The Eyes of the Gospel not just a celebration of Byzantine spirituality, but of the Christian life in general.

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Author: Archbishop Joseph M. Raya
Pages: 168
Year: 2006

Price: $15.95
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Jesus, A Dialogue With the Savior

First published in French by the Monastery of Chevetogne, this series of reflections has become a classic in numerous editions. The anonymous author reveals to us the heart of the Gospel in a startlingly simple way. As soon as you open these pages, you will experience the same impression as you would on opening a vessel of sacred chrism.

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Author: A Monk of the Eastern Church
Pages: 185
Year: 1965

Price: $14.00
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