Printing Instructions for Leaflet Masters

High-quality grayscale leaflet masters are available here. These have been carefully authored to allow for black-and-white printing for cost-effective duplication. It is recommended that you go to a copy center and ask them to print with these parameters (print this page and hand it to them):

  • Image to a color printer and select convert to B&W in the print dialog.
  • Select the highest possible quality of printing.
  • Select Letter – Borderless, if available; otherwise, select US Letter. Borderless printing is preferable, but isn’t mandatory; for example, printing with a Xerox Docucolor 252 (which doesn’t do borderless) yields a good result.
  • Print to 28# Bright White paper stock. Heavier stock has less bleed-through, but doesn’t fold as cleanly.
  • Two-sided printing (obviously).
  • Machine fold the leaflets in a tri-fold (as opposed to hand-folding).

For less than 100 copies, printing on 28# paper stock should run about twenty-two cents per leaflet, and machine folding should cost another three cents per leaflet.

Of course, you can also print these yourself: just make sure that the cartridges aren’t running low and you know how to print two-sided so that the top of the page is the same for both sides of the paper.