Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Fall 2008

PDF, 40 pages, 14.3MB

In This Issue

Bring Back the Genuine Good News3
The Nativity of Jesus Christ4
A Blessed Event6
A 10 Year Anniversary7
Sister Mary Ann Celebrates 50th Anniversary8
A Day Inscribed in Heaven9
Stewards of God’s Mysteries10
A Succession of Joyful Events11
A Labor of Love12
Some Things Just Do Not Change13
A Great Festival14
A Faith Enrichment Speaker’s Series15
M.A.Y.A. Mid-Winter Retreat15
A Letter from Pittsburgh16
Telelumiere Annual Board Meeting17
Cornerstone Laid for Telelumiere Buidling Complex18
The Nativity Homily of St. John Chrysostom22
The Apostle Paul and the Redemption of the Law23
St. Paul: The Apostle of Letter Writing25
The Martyrs of Raitho27
An Incognito Pope from Antioch28
A Spiritual Call to Arms30
Stewards of the Body31
The Christian Art of Byzantine Syria32
The Last Secret of Fatima33

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