Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Fall 2009

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In This Issue

The Frame Syndrome2
To Everything There is a Season3
Autumn Dinner6
A Young Model Leader to Imitate7
Mahrajan Become a Fixture of the Manchester Summer Scene8
Axios! Axios! Axios!9
Arab Outpost10
An Active Organization11
Fifteen Wonderful Months11
A New Year – A New Chapter14
Community Celebrates its 100th Anniversary16
Five Memorable Days19
A Protestant’s First Impression of an Eastern-Rite Church20
46th Annual National Melkite Convention21
The Rapture22
The Reverential Fear of the Lord24
Saint Cosmas the Melodist, Bishop of Maiuma26
A Parish Priest’s Prayer to Mary Most Holy27
Celebrating Saint Paul28
Holy Week and Pascha Through the Lens of Apostle Paul30
The Melkite Greek Catholic Church Identity and Mission33
Saint Thekla of Iconium34

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