Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Fall 2011

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In This Issue

God Manifests Himself to us in the Flesh3
Stewardship of Time4
Ask a Busy Man5
Letters to the Editor5
Greying of the Melkite Clergy6
Career or Vocation?8
Preparing Our Future Priests9
Those Champions of the World10
In the Steps of St. Francis11
Pope at Assisi – Oppose Violence12
Patriarch’s Letter on the Liturgy14
Melkite Bishops of America16
Meeting of the Melkite Bishops in Venezuela17
Orthodox/Catholic Dialogue18
Spreading the Word of God Through Colors19
2012 National Convention20
Memory Eternal – Fr James King23
Book Review: Fatherless24
Morality, Freedom, Spiritual Growth26
Milwaukee Melkites Celebrate 100 Years28
Goal Setting and Strategic Planning29
Sunday School in a Small Parish31
Annual Parish Dinner33
Bishop’s Appeal34
Appreciating Pope John Paul II35
Health/Abortion Issues36
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament38

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