Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Fall 2014

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In This Issue

From the Editor, Thank you3
Patriarch Pleads for Prayer and Fasting3
Letters to the Editor: St. Catherine's Monastery, Christ's Presence in the Eucharist, Closing of St. Elias4
Pope Francis sends Congratulations7
State of the Eparchy8
New Antimensia Consecrated10
Orthodox Patriarch John X Visits Melkite Synod11
Patriarch Gregorios Addresses Antiochian Unity Conference12
Father Anthony Sabbagh Ordained Priest13
Serving the Lord14
Newest Deacon: Elie Hanna Ordained15
Eighteenth Orientale Lumen Conference16
Seminarian Pilgrimage 201417
Clearing the Air Around Marijuana Use19
God Works in Mysterious Ways!20
Bishop Appeals for International Peace21
New Chaldean Bishop Francis Kalabat21
Wandering from Christ22
Melkite Young Adults Rediscover Heritage25
NAMY 2014 Conference26
Retreat Unites Youth in Southern California28
Quiz What's Your Melkite IQ?34
St Jude Parish Installs New Iconostasis36
Memory Eternal: Edmund J. Nahom37
Around the Eparchy38
NAMW News41
Bishop's Appeal: Honor Roll 43
Navigating the Eparchy 51

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