Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Fall 2015

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In This Issue

From the Editor, The Bake Shop3
Letters to the Editor4
The Word of God A Light to Our Path6
Once in a Lifetime Co-Cathedral of St. Anne8
A Garden of Hope, Justice and Liberty10
Ordination of Father Sebastian Carnazzo12
Bishop George Gallaro Enthroned13
Melkite Synod Receives Syriac Orthodox Patriarch14
Islamic State Disperses Christians15
Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Proposes Merger16
St. Ignatios Parish Stirs Support17
Pope Francis Calls for One Date for Easter18
Same-Sex Marriage A Conundrum19
Jubilee Renewed in Jesus Christ21
Prayer and the Domestic Church22
Vocation Tour Gets an Unexpected Response23
Dear Parents with Young Children in Church24
How Poor are We?25
Tapping into the Power of the Word of God26
50th National Melkite Convention28
Attacks on Life Must Never Be Forgotten30
Armenian Catholic Patriarch Dies31
Melkite Quiz Signs and Symbols32
NAMY Conference 201534
Around the Eparchy35
NAMW News39
Bishops Appeal41
2014 Appeal Donor List44
Navigating the Eparchy47

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