Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Fall 2016

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In This Issue

From the Editor: There's a Special Envelope3
State of the Eparchy by Bishop Nicholas4
Convention Celebrate Golden Jubilee10
The Future is in Our Hands14
My Journey of Faith to the Divine Priesthood16
Twenty-Five were in the School19
Melkite Monastery Pleads for Medical Help20
Bishops' Dialogue of Love Resumes21
A Plea for Removing One More Skandalon22
Your Children are God's Children (in arabic)24
From Eden to Eden: Journey Through the Bible27
Approach with Fear of God28
The Melkite Church is Byzantine30
Draw Courage from the Gospel to Aid Middle East33
Cave of St Peter34
St Catherine's Monastery has World's Oldest Library35
Quiz: What's Your Melkite IQ?36
A Call to You, Are You Listening?38
My Seminary Journey: Oliver Black39
80 Years of Combined Service40
Around the Eparchy43
2015 Bishop's Appeal Honor Roll51

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