Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Fall 2019

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In This Issue

50 Years in the Service of Our Lord3
Memory Eternal Elya, Youssef and Hull7
Letters to the Editor10
SOPHIA - an award winning magazine11
Holy Land Churches are more than a pilgrimage12
Campaign to bring food, medicine to Syria14
Annual Synod of Melkite Catholic Bishops15
Eden to Eden: A 70-year retreat16
Letter to a Needful Vineyard18
Why I take my kids to church20
Orientale Lumen Conference21
Why I Decided to become Eastern Catholic22
Pope Francis gives Orthodox patriarch relics23
Pope Francis Beatifies 7 Romanian martyrs24
The Power of the Cross26
Melkite Catholic young adults find hope27
Bishop Nicholas’ Jubilee / St Peter the Apostle, Part 2 (Arabic)28
Why did Early Christians prefer Codex?34
Dad with Down Syndrome inspires his son35
Twenty Questions about the US Melkite Bishops38
Around the Eparchy40
ByziKids The Service of Prayer49
Bishop’s Appeal Roll Call49
Navigating the Eparchy55

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