Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Fall 2021

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In This Issue

God With Us Online Educational Offerings3
From the Editor Looking Ahead4
From the Bishop Recovering or Relapsing5
Eparchial Blessings, Ordinations, Appointments7
He Is Worthy! Father Alexei Woltornist Ordination8
Memory Eternal: Father Saba Shofany, Father Joseph Khoury, Deacon James Hill, and Patriarch Gregoire Pierre XX Gabroyan10
Order of Saint Nicholas12
Sunday School, Evangelization & Melkite Church14
Melkite Iconography16
Eden to Eden Jesus: The Healer of Mankind18
East Encounters West19
Sanctions against Syria Are Hurting Children21
1st Institute of Catholic Theology in Damascus22
Local College Launches Certificate in Eastern Catholic Catechesis23
Turkey to US: Hagia Sophia is Our Property24
Extraordinary Miracles Attributed to 21 Beheaded Coptic Christians25
Shine! Shine! O New Jerusalem!26
A New Home for Akron28
Antioch, the Great City of God (Arabic)30
Let us Pray About a Call34
The Melkite Liturgy Down East35
Byzi-Kids I Spy in My Little Icon37
Twenty Questions About the First and Second Letters to the Thessalonians38
Around the Eparchy40
Bishop's Appeal46
Navigating the Eparchy55

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