Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Fall 2022

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In This Issue

New Bishop Announced Arabic & English3
From the Bishop The State of the Eparchy5
Pope Francis Addresses Members of the Synod12
Patriarch Youssef Addresses Pope Francis English & Arabic13
Evangelization & Our Melkite Tradition16
Meeting Christ at the Baptismal Well18
Evangelizing Our Families in a Post-Christian World19
St George Parish Celebrates Centennial20
God With Us Fall/Winter Curriculum21
Christian Leaders Condemn Violence at Funeral22
The Assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh24
Eden to Eden The Eternal Church26
The Bible and the Book of Revelation27
Melkite Iconography 30
Byzantine Seminary to Host Weekend of Discovery32
Byzi-Kids I Spy in My Little Icon34
Arabic Know Your Church (part 2)35
Twenty Questions An Explanation39
Twenty Questions About the Revelation to John40
Memory Eternal: Fr Littlefield, Fr Zammer and Metropolitan Kallistos42
Around the Eparchy 45
Bishop’s Appeal 48
Navigating the Eparchy 55

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