Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Spring 2008

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In This Issue

San Diego this Coming July is a Must3
Walk By the Holy Spirit4
One Family Under God6
Axios! Axios! Axios7
A Memory from Days Gone By8
God Loves a Cheerful Giver9
On Going Blessings9
Holy Week and Pascha10
Welcome Home12
A Renewed Spirit13
A Milestone in Phoenix13
Palm Sunday Festivities14
Annual Food Festival14
In the Footsteps of St. Stephen15
A Joyful Occasion15
Big News about N.A.M.Y.16
Convention News17
Eastern Catholic Bishops Meet in St. Louis21
The Year of Saint Paul22
Reflections on Morality for the Catechist24
Saint Andrew of Crete26
“We Need Justice” Says Father Yousef Sa’adah27
‘The Bible Alone’ is a ‘Tradition of Men’28
A Beloved Shepherd of the Chaldean Church in Iraq Murdered Senselessly30
Ethnicity and the Church31
Brokenness and Blessing: Towards a Biblical Spirituality34
Treasures in Heaven: Encouraging Virtue in Young Children35

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