Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Spring 2009

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In This Issue

I Believe in the Holy Spirit3
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words5
A Blessed Community7
A Joyful Lenten Dinner9
A Bouquet of Pleasant News11
A Series of Blessed Events13
Parishioners Rally for Those in Need14
Unforgettable Events15
Mother’s Day15
The Warmth and Passion of a Small Community16
30 Years Serving the Lord17
First Reconciliation Celebration18
A Wonderful Sunday School Program20
News and Activities22
An Agape Meal23
Prayer for Spiritual Renewal24
Priest! Why Not?25
A Seminarian Reflects on First Year26
Holy Week and Pascha Seen Through the Lens of Apostle Paul27
Saint Paul the Pharisee29
Music Like its Author30
The Reverential Fear of the Lord31

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