Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Spring 2010

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In This Issue

Christ is Risen: Rejoice in the Lord!3
Pre-Christmas Retreat4
A Journey of Faith5
A Dual Celebration6
Archbishop Visitation Highlights St. Barbara Feast Day Celebration7
A New Chapter Being Written9
A New Pantocrator12
Sister Victoria Celebrates 50th Anniversary13
A Busy Autumn14
The Ladies Society16
MAYA and Ambassadors17
The Seniors Club Members17
The Sunday School18
The Teen Club18
Project Holy Land19
Deacons Annual Retreat20
46th National Convention29
The Melkite Association of Young Adults (M.A.Y.A.) in 200930
Back on Track32
An Update33
The Patriarchate – Our Mother Church of Antioch34
Peter’s Eastern Gem36
Was Jesus Arrested to be Killed?37
Mary, A Bridge Between Christianity And Islam39
Epiphanius of Salamis41
Cruelness of War43
If You Were Born in Bethlehem43

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