Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Spring 2012

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In This Issue

Contemplating and Living the Paschal Season3
Some Reflections on this Issue and on this Season4
Bishop’s Letter on Religious Liberty5
Pastoral Letter on Infant Communion6
A Time for Catholic Action and Catholic Voices7
Together in Christ, Encounter 20128
What is Catholic Social Teaching?9
What is a Vocation?14
It’s Never too Late to Say “Yes” to God15
Busy Weekend for Atlanta Melkites17
Fallen Asleep in the Lord18-19
NAMY Conference 201220
2012 Melkite Convention21-24
Orthodox/Catholic Consultation on Middle East25
Dedication of Meditation Grapevine Arbor26
Leading Children in the Way of Prayer27
Catechesis for Young Adults28
Adult Enrichment Series Report30
Letter to a Troubled Parish31
Arab Spring may Become Arab Winter32
Ground Zero Former Melkite Church34
Vatican II: Fifty Years and Still Challenging35
National Association of Melkite Women37-38
Navigating the Eparchy39

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