Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Spring 2017

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In This Issue

You Owe it to God3
Bishop Nicholas' Winter Schedule5
From the Editor: Worship with the Angels6
On the Cover7
From Different Perspectives: the Last Supper8
NAMY Conference is coming11
New Guidelines for the Catechesis of Children12
Christians' Help can make the Church Flourish14
Sin, Suicide & Salvation16
In Memoriam Archbishops Capucci and Al Mur18
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land19
From Eden to Eden: Noah's Son Shem to Abraham24
Your Children are God's Children — Part Three (in Arabic)25
The Vocation of A Priest's Wife — Part Two28
Chrysostom Our Common Ground30
Lay People Advance the Cause of Christian Unity32
Divine Rights vs. Human Rights in Palestine33
Melkite Engineers Complete $1 Billion Project34
Melkite Quiz Pascha to Pentecost36
My Seminary Journey: Neven Peŝa38
Vocation Tour Reaches GA, NY & Great Lakes39
Around the Eparchy40
Navigating the Eparchy47

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