Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Spring 2019

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In This Issue

Editor’s Column: Giving Alms? 3
From the Bishop: Renewing the Divine Liturgy 4
Learning Repentance from St Mary of Egypt 8
Crucifixion of Christ12
Eparchial News15
The Holy Forty Days (Arabic)16
Iraq and Syria: Genocide Emergency Relief20
Do Changes for Ukraine’s Church Mean Unity?22
Mass Grave of 34 Ethiopian Christians Discovered25
The Identity of Abraham26
Divorced and Remarried: A Considered Opionion28
Divorced and Remarried: A Canonist’s Response30
Eden to Eden: Solomon, Slavery and the Divided Kingdom32
Memory Eternal: Fr Khairallah and John Elek34
Our Lady of Redemption’s Centennial Year36
Twenty Questions about the Gospel of John40
Book Review: Made This Way42
Deacon Formation Program43
Melkite Clergy of the Southern Region44
I Spy in My Little Icon45
Around the Eparchy46
Navigating the Eparchy51

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