Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Summer 2010

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In This Issue

Seattle: A Convention You Could Not Afford To Miss3
Message of the Holy Father4
Lazarus Could not be Happier6
A Day to Remember7
A New Year, A New Name, A New Pastor9
The Ladies Society11
Great and Holy Friday12
The Charity Committee12
The Seniors Club Members13
The Teen Club13
A Happy Coming Together14
Pro-Life Vigil15
We Did It!16
MAYA Midwest Retreat17
A Special Holy Week18
The Newest Melkite Community19
Joyful Events20
Great Lent and Palm Sunday in the California Desert21
The Diocesan Pastoral Council Meeting23
Meeting of the Eastern Catholic Bishops in the USA24
46th National Melkite Convention25
The Patriarchal Order of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem (USA)32
Cursillo at Saint Basil’s: East Meets West33
The Spiritual Laws of Success36
Abdallah Ibn al-Fadl al-Antaki39
The Patriarchate – Our Mother Church of Antioch (Part 2)40
Irrelevant Worship?42
The Un-repayable Friendship of God or The Great Parables of Mercy44
St. John Chrysostom’s Treatise, On The Priesthood47

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