Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Summer 2012

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In This Issue

A Message from the Editor3
Archimandrite Charles Aboody’s 50th Anniversary4
Archdeacon George Yany6
Archimandrite Edward Kakaty’s 40th Anniversary7
Hieromonk Philaret Celebrates 25 Years7
Marrying in the Lord8
Fathers Important9
What is Catholic Social Teaching10
Book Recommendation13
Patriarchal Appeal for Syria14
Final Report of Bishops on Syria15
Another Look at Repentance16
Memory Eternal - Pope Shenouda III18
Memory Eternal - DPC Chairman John Caven19
48th Melkite Convention21-23
Save Washington Street24
Faith and Science25
A Melkite Prophet26
Society of Publicans28
Untangling the Bible29
Not Only Our Future But Also Our Present.30
Children’s Retreat31
Brother Neven Peša31
Our Lady of Perpetual Help32
A Lenten Retreat33
National Association of Melkite Women34-35

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