Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Summer 2013

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In This Issue

Summer Feasts – Be Transformed3
Is Freedom Free?4
Father Ephrem Kardouh Ordained5
Archimandrite Antiba Elected Metropolitan of Syrian Archdiocese6
Building Bridges Between Orthodox and Catholic Christians7
The Necessity of War: A Haunting Dilemma10
Mark and Peter: Coptic Pope Tawadros II Visits Pope Francis12
Plot to Assasinate Patriarch Bartholomew Uncovered13
A Call to Action: Help Displaced Christians in Syria14
Pope Responds to Bishops’ Kidnapping With ‘Intense Prayer’15
Bishops of the Eastern Catholic Churches16
Orthodox and Catholics “Brainstorm” about Church Unity17
Blessed are the Peacemakers: The Story of Elias Chacour19
Priest Heroes20
ECPA Meets in Southern California24
Married Priests: A Divine Vocation26
Archdeacon George Yany Honored for 40 Years of Service28
The Family is “Good News”30
A Vocation of Blessings!31
Memory Eternal: Archdeacon Elias Sahyouni32
Memory Eternal: Joseph A. Bou-Sliman, A Reminiscence33
Our Little Bishop34
Deacon Carnazzo Named Director of Education Services35
Planting Seeds of Faith36
Sacred Illuminations – The Art of Writing an Icon37
St. George Parishioners Use Parish Kitchen to Feed the Poor38
A Vacation with the Lord – Great Lakes Region Clergy Retreat39
St Nicholas Church in Rochester, NY Burns Mortgage40
Navigating the Eparchy43

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