Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Summer 2014

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In This Issue

A Joyful Reflection on the Past with a Joyful Solution3
Editor's Message Mistakes Were Made5
When the Fishermen Were Filled with Wisdom6
Letters to the Editor8
Patriarch Gregorios III Makes Brief Visit to USA9
The New Saints and the Many Unsung10
Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew12
The Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church14
The Orthodox Hand and the Embrace of Pope Francis16
Retired Egyptian General wants to Demolish St. Catherine's17
Prayer of the Heart The Jesus Prayer18
What is the Christian East?20
The Numbers Show How Fragile are the Ancient Churches23
Memory Eternal Metropolitan Philip Saliba24
Retired Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Falls Asleep in the Lord25
Reflection from Melkite Pilgrims to the Holy Land26
Reflections on Pentecost: Wisdom, Baptism, Unity28
The Eucharist in the Bible and Qur'an30
Divorced and Remarried in the Church32
St. Paul Apostle of Letter Writing33
Top 10 Things We Can All Do to Promote Vocations35
Those Were the Days My Friends36
Western Region Annual Retreat38
Cathedral Hosts New England Conference38
OLR MAYA Active in Parish and Community39
Great Lakes Protopresbytery Retreat39
Quiz What's Your Melkite IQ?40
Around the Eparchy42
National Association of Melkite Women45
Navigating the Eparchy47

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